Saturday, September 13, 2008

Alpha Basic Workshop

Today went to Hydro Majestic Hotel at about 11 and reach there at 12.15
Opps! I was too early! So wondering around till the workshop starts...

The seminar was leaded by Mr. John Shun, representative of Sony Product and Training Department.

Mr. John our trainer

Hydro Majestic Hotel

So many equipment that we can fit onto our camera

Seminar Hall

Sit beside me d Mr. Philip

Opposite me d... C! Uncle also come a! I'm the youngest ler!

Aperture control....

Take 1

Take 2

See any different? The higher the number of Aperture the more the object sharpen which is take 2 compare to take 1

All Skilled cameramaan and woman...=.= I think I'm the only ameture there

After all the learning....It is time to put out skill into test!
Sony provide us with model to be shoot at and it was at the pool!

Shoot! Shoot!

My first take....

By the way, today I was planning to take all picture with black and white...Simple is always nice!

Take 2

Take 3 with pole

take 4 Scenery of the sea

Take 5 Wondering

Take 6

Take 7

Take 8

Everyone is very busy....

We are served with light food....
Their food are nice!

After that, each of us have to submit 1 picture up to compete..
The ranking go as....

2nd Runner up - Ryan

1st Runner up - Mira (a Malay Woman) Geng leh?!

The winner goes to Goh Cs.....Pro guy with expensive lenses

The photo that I submit
Didn't win...aiks....

Never forget to photo myself....hehe....

The picture that our trainer capture....hehe....My picture was display in Full Hd Bravia! Nice can?


The course ended at 6.15
What a tiring day!
I learn many things today.... Hope can produce more high quality picture next time!

By the way, Sony sponsor all this workshop F.O.C!!!! aka Freee Of Charge!
Thx Sony!
Lucky to their consumer! Got free workshop to polish up our skill!
For those who have critic about Sony
Here is an advise for you all.....If you never try it all out....Try it before critic!
Cannot always rely on the website comment....
We get 10% discount voucher from Sony Gurney Plaza! Wow!
Thx Again!

Thats all for today!


CC said...

Nice woh...
Never forget to shoot those pretty models....