Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Genting Trip 1

This when we reach First World Hotel and we are notify that we are able to check in until 12pm
So we decided to hang out and go for breakfast before goto Theme Park at 8 O'Clock

1st to snap is Mr Yenz

Going to find thimngs to eat! ^_^

Eventually we find tio a place to let down our things and makan! That is below

Thought it will be nice...mana tau...disappoint us!

The Wan Tee Mee look delicious right?
But it cost RM11 for a plate! and it taste nothing compare to penang Wan Tan Mee!!!!
Argh for crying out loud.....kek sim nia!

Mr Yenz promoting roller coaster

Acting cute....Taken by Mr Thaw

After that teman Mr Thaw to Mc Donlad to have his breakfast...

Miss Yin Ming aka Tauke Soh

Me and piggy face tauke soh

After that we all went to theme park!
Yeah! We are their 1st customer!
Whole park was empty and fill with mist every where with eyesight about 5m only

Christ with Missy

Group photo

Jarred and Tauke Soh

Jarred everywhere also can find tiok his "friend" eh!

Group with energizer

Another pose

Jarred put a "yam" face on the telephone booth!

Our 1st ride was the flying elephant!

2 siao gina as refer to Tauke Soh

Jarred playing with the water fountain

After that, we went to the Spinner!
1st round I was at outside taking their picture...

Mr Thaw pose peace!

They are up in the air

This was taken when I was with them at 2nd round...
Shocking Mr Thaw face

After that they went to Cyclone!
Very few picture there....

Mr Hwa face show he is regretting to sit Cyclone...
After that we went to the Flying Dragon

Tauke Soh posing piggy face

flying toward First World!

Group photo at the lake

3 of us

Mr Yenz playing bumper boat

Mr Hwa bump into me

After that goto walk walk....

Mr Thaw and Missy on beca!

Mr Yenz on beca

On the pirate ship

On the escalator to CorkScrew!

Stay tune for more!