Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School Reopen Again!

2/9/208, my sem 2 is officially START! Laughter and tears everywhere.... Why do I say so leh?

1st Because I can meet them again! Yes!

2nd is our TIMETABLE....It was OMG!!!! So PACK!!!

Here is my timetable:

Tuesday: 8am till 5 pm have 1 hour break

Wednesday: 8am till 4pm have 2 hour break

Thursday: 11am till 5pm with 1 hour break...
Friday: 3hour for mpw subject

I hate Tuesday the most! Start at 8-10 then start again at 11 till 5! 3subject teaching continuously! Going to pengsan soon!

Not much update recently cause nothing to write! Haha...

Change my layout but going to do more technical change on the HTML....

Currently learning throught tactile learning style! Haha...Trial and Error.

Picture of the day

For those did not appear in the pic...Pai Seh yea!

Next time have to together take more picture! Till now I think we did not really have a full people photo before....