Sunday, September 14, 2008

Testing Alpha

Today went to Miss Li Yun house today, my mum was giving her parent moon cake where else me leh....
I take my Alpha 200 for her to try it out.....
She was planning to buy Alpha 300
We was at the garden and my mum was chatting all out with her parent
Try and try and here is some of her result....

Her garden, quite nice eh

She was trying to take the picture I take last time, shooting through the cap

This was my shot

This was her shot, call me to make the hole bigger....haha

Her shot
A weird pose there....Was like "kencing"! Wahaha! Pai seh!

My shot
Any difference?
She did not allow me to post her picture, so today only got her back only! Haha!

Panning shot! Which I learn yesterday...
The subject is in focus but still showing in movement effect