Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Open House and Choo Kongsi

Last Sunday, my mum brought us to our cousin open house which was a nice house at Batu Maung.
My mission for the day, SNAP picture of the furniture my dad company made! Main objective!
2nd mission is family potrait!

The house...Full of cousin


kitchen again

We also got produce simple table such as above (Intrested anyone?)


Do their eyes look alike? my bro and sis

The street that night

After that, follow my parents to the Choo Kongsi which they celebrate Choo event which my grandpa initial.
I eated alot at my cousin house, after coming to the this dinner, my stomach was like going to burst! The uncle which sit beside me was my grandpa fren and he was keep feeding me eat!
Want to vomit ler!

The main entrance

Take a snap of Komtar when I reach

Put my shutter speed longer to make the effect of many ppl passing by with my cousin mouth open.
He was very coorperative.