Friday, October 2, 2009


Lets wrap up the last batch of photo before I end the post about working in DSLR Fair. . .
Everyone curi tulang as it was lunch time and no customer! haha!

Some black and white and delicious bokeh. . . wuwu. . . when only can i get this lens?

KSP again. . . she is going to complain me again. . . She is staring at me. . . woot! Scary!

That day met some rich people. . . They brought 2 handycam, one T900 and another cyber shot! Damn rich. . . They very like to take picture. . . That time I was kinda free so to make them even more happy. . . I snap a few photo of them then print it out for them. . .
They requested for 6 print! I was so omg that time. . . boss was starring at me. . . it was so omg. . . haha~! But anyway in the end boss say tak apa... Big customer give free picture! haha!

The Panasonic girl kepala pening liao. . . She is Kelantan people. . . currently studying in Equator Penang. . . She really do travel very far!

A test shot of the studio lighting there. . . My 1st studio shooting. . . Quite okay?

A quick post on food!

Monday went to Taiwan Bull to have lunch with friend. . .
Ordered a Unagi Hot Bowl!
The Unagi taste great but the sauce was quite disappointing. . .

My Milk Tea shake! Taste okay la. . .

Other dishes taste good as I visit here before with my aunt. . . the minces chicken or beef hot & spicy noodle taste great!
Now Taiwan Bull having 10%, 15% and 20% discount for their food! It is worth trying!

Prom Night is approaching fast! So excited about it!
Stay tune for post about Prom Night!