Monday, October 12, 2009


Last Tuesday, went to Kim Gary at QB to have our late lunch after we finish our class at 2 and we do our stuff before went to QB at 4 something

My throat not feeling well last week. . . So I ordered..
Honey Lemon!

A group shots!
Everyone was eating double plate that day! I just order 1 dishes only. . .

My Hot & Spicy Beef Noodle!

Had a busy week last week. . .

Last Thursday. . . Many people need to pass up their management. . . There are a lot of laptop in the class!
Whole row was using the laptop while Mr Ooi is teaching. . No one was paying attention!

After that, me, Jeff, Carol, Thaw and Wei Lin are required to stay back to attend a interview by the ministry of education in the reception area. . . We was asked all sort of question. . . The whole situation is just =.="

After the interview, went to my grand parent place to visit this small puppy they just adopted a few days ago
Damn chubby! But he like to bite! he can just chew my whole finger inside his mouth! Luckily those teeth are very small!

Have a video which I recorded. . . .
You can see he tries to bite my finger!

Last Friday, Me, Steve and Carole Kang went to Sushi King to makan lunch!
My Black Pepper Udon. . Didn't bring my camera as I was lazy that day. . . All picture were taken using Sony Ericsson C905

After we finish our late lunch at Gurney, Me and Steve proceed to Click and Snap to buy some camera stuff and as usual, I will go to touch my dream lens! Sigma 70-200 f2.8!
Damn big leh?

Fully equip with flash and battery grip!
I want I want!

Have to continue busy my Marketing Assignment and BIS assignment again. . . Phew! It is going to be another busy week!


Anonymous said...

kaysen put mooi siah la.just nice enuff. thx. carole kang make me feel weird bit bit.