Saturday, March 6, 2010

Makan Makan @ 九份

First snack of the day were quail egg!
DSC02208 copy
The method of cooking it look like "Tako Tao"!

DSC02211 copy
The char bor enjoying the eggs..

DSC02223 copy
We had a cup of famous "汤圆" which uniquely found in Taiwan!

DSC02224 copy
This is the famous shop selling it!

DSC02227 copy
We also ate "Smelly Tou Fu"!

DSC02228 copy
It really does smelly~!

DSC02233 copy
One of the great local delicacy is the Wild Boar Sausages!

DSC02236 copy
It is much larger than the normal typical Chinese sausages.

DSC02239 copy
Nice huh! Wipe your saliva!

DSC02242 copy
Got one shop selling chocolate dipped apple!

DSC02247 copy
Grilll mushroom which tasted okay only.

DSC02249 copy
Unique local music instrument

DSC02251 copy
The streets and the people.

DSC02262 copy After filling our stomach with food, here we off on the road towards a Gold Mine there!

DSC02277 copy
A portraiture of us on the corner mirror.

DSC02279 copy
There is so much place there!

DSC02290 copy
Shot this using Sigma 10-20!

DSC02294 copy
Gold ecological Park which are now a heritage place which used to built up this whole area community from the economy by mining gold!

DSC02311 copy One of the building there.

DSC02312 copy

DSC02313 copy
Whole landscape of the whole 九份

DSC02314 copy Very unique mineral were founded there!

DSC_2060 copy
Next up! Yung Ping Birthday!