Sunday, February 28, 2010


We return to Taipei after we finish our trip at 野柳 and on the next day, we continue our trip to 九份!

We plan to stay one night over there!
DSC02143 copy
We get on to a KTM (Slower compare to the HSR "High Speed Railway") early in the morning to get to 九份.

We take a shuttle bus up to the mountain just outside the railway station.

After we reach our destination, it takes a while for us to find our 别墅 as it was located in the crowded residential area on the hillside. You will understand why in the next post.

DSC02146 copy
This will be our living room for the night! Looking very comfy!

DSC02149 copy
Got refrigirator and a large large flat screen full with any channel you want to watch! Nice! And they also got WIFI there! SUi a!

DSC02155 copy
Second floor is our bedroom for the night... look very nice for couple!

DSC02168 copy
They provide us with air heater which kept out feet warm along the night.

DSC02175 copy
Nice bed decoration huh!

DSC02183 copy
Our bathroom are mainly made out of wood and no more cold floor when bathing! An a bonus is there is a bath tub! Song a!

DSC02186 copy
They also provide us with hair dryer and many more other stuff! It is so nice even in this remote area... Of course it came with a price tag of RM400 for 4 people!

After we finish our visit around the house, we went out to get some food to feed our hungry stomach!
DSC02188 copy
A very nice view outside just outside our little cottage!

DSC02192 copySeem very discipline dog... It makes me remember of a Japanese dog "Hachiko"

DSC02196 copy
Me and Sook Guan aka "Dinosaur".

DSC02201 copy
The streets of 九份..

Will post more about it on the next post! Stay tune for it!

School start in one more day!