Monday, February 22, 2010

New Face

I had use Picasa for almost one yea and impression about Picasa was good but there's a catch!
I think picasa had compressed my image and make the picture quality down graded!

Decide to try something new. Currently trying out All image below are using posting from flickr.

No doubt Picasa is easy to work with and lots of its simplicity just make posting picture in blog easier! But with limited picture quality. I beh tahan! Haha!

This post is some shots taken during the 7th day of Chinese New Year during a festival at Penang Heritage Area where they celebrate entire world people birthday which fall on the 7th day during CNY according to the myth of CNY.
Some handicraft sold there.

Places where handicraftsmen display their creation and educate the younger generation about the importance of continuing the culture of our own.

Some people also got themself a temporary tattoo.

This uncle is engraving names on stone.

Youngster learning how to weave "Rotan" basket.

Khoo Kongsi which is free for admitance that day! Wee~!

Saw Aik Tatt at backstage at the main stage. He is performing traditional chinese man dance I suppose.

Aik Tatt and her fellow dancer in action. Manage to shot form the side of the stage as we were late and there and many people! When I say many "It is pack until like SARDIN TIN~!"

A shot of an Indian dancer.

Those press with their Long L Lenses! Alot of Canon in Press Pit! But alot Nikon in the crowd. Weird huh?

Spotted this flaw in design when going through the picture. Slanting Penang state emblem

Two Tiger mascot which very popular in the crowd as many people want to have a picture with them.

This is how Penang People love Penang.

New Police bike seems like custome modify bike by amature. It looks doesn't convince me it is a police bike if I was called to pull over on th road. It seems bit not serious.

The 24 Season Drum.

My cousin posing with his drum before the drum performance.

Alot place and event to cover in such a short time! Too bad I have to leave there early as Eddie cousin need to go for her dinner reunion with her family. I will be back next year will better equipment and sufficient time!

All picture above taken using D300s and Nikon 70-200 F/2.8 VR. No post processing involve. All picture are straight from the camera.

Picture looks better quality in Flickr right?