Monday, February 15, 2010

My New Wife

A new year a new start, a new start for me and a whole new gear for me to fully utilize it!

I change my Sony for the Nikon D300s. It might send a shock wave amongst my friends which I always support Sony but temporarily Sony just don't provide the sufficient Mid-Range DSLR for me to upgrade to..

Maybe in the future I would consider to jump back to Sony if condition turns better and it is the same level as Nikon.

Brought this "Monster" baby at C&S from Matthew.
It was a day before Chinese New Year Reunion.
Not forget to mention that I have dye my hair and it looks "LALA~~~" That guy dye my hair too bright liao la! nevermind d... >.

In this picture, I look like loan shark! Get a bluetooth ear set! cost me RM140! Poket burn! Pocket Burn!

The next day, Eddie ajak me and his cousin to have a morning shoot at Jetty.
While waiting for Eddie shot some long exposure shot. I like car tail light when they corner in long exposure.

The color of morning sun.

The anchored jetty boarding passenger and vehicle.

Finally the sun rise, did not take much picture of the surrounding as we all were hungry!

Bring Eddie and her cousin to Baba Nyonya there to have a visit, too bad we were too early! It is seldom to have us been early than late! Haha!
Morning light on the flower.

Had breakfast at Greenlane Mcd!

Eddie Nikon D5000, he is now addicted to Nikon D90 after trying out D300s! Haha!

He also brought a new lens for his D5000. 18-105mm VR lens a D90 lens..

At night, mum cooked a few dishes for reunion dinner.
Liquor prawn

"Ban Kuang Char" Damn delicious is you eat it with lettuce.

mixed vege and seafood.

And never left out the crispy and juicy roasted pork!

This is what my mum called the "Hundered Dollar Soup" in Mandarin because the ingredient used to cook this bowl of soup cost over hundreds! Haha! The most expensive dishes on the table.

Still have alot to share with all of you! Stay tune for it! Will do some detailing about my D300s soon when I got the time!

Meanwhile share some video with you all.

This video was an inspiring one!

Yesterday went to send Khea Seang off. Used my Nikon D300s to do some short recording of the whole event and will make a short video soon!

Khea Seng... Don't slack when you were there! HAha! Have a great time there!