Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNY 2010

This year CNY start of with a "BANG"!

Used the 7Fps to capture this picture!

A new way of capturing firecracker

My grandma house naughty dog.

On the first day of CNY, went to my Dad Godfather place first before visiting other relatives.

Had a great shot of my uncle. Not to mention I'm using Eddie film generation lens 28-80 F3.5-5.6! It turns out great!

Had a family picture without my Godgrandmother inside. She is sick.

Cute baby cousin.

All my Godrelatives... Peace yo~!

After that, back to my grandfather place to ate lunch!

Two of my model fit cousin.

Cute baby cousin.

A B&W close up shot.


Another model fit cousin...
Damn.. Have alot model in my house! lOL!

My sis...

Sis and mum.

A night at my aunt house.

Alot of picture above taken using high ISO! Yet it look so nice right! This is what I want from my D300s. Some even shot at ISO2000!

No photoshop used and just simple conversion from colour to B&W!

More to come!

I own this lens now. WEE~~!
Used this baby to shot event! Even better picture!

Stay tune!