Thursday, February 25, 2010

野柳National Park

Lets return abck to my Taiwan trip back in 2009 and crossing to 2010!

On the 2nd day of the 2 weeks trip, we went to Yeh liu National Park which house to a area which form by thousand and million of year!
DSC01889 copy
Set out early in the morning and went to Taipei Central Bus Station to find a couch to Yeh Liu.

DSC01891 copy
One of their high class shopping mall!

DSC01892 copy
Their traffic system. . .

DSC01895 copy
Taiwan is a very rich with culture and art. They will even display renown artist creation on the streets!

DSC01903 copy
Inside the mall! Let see the interior!

DSC01904 copy
Cosmetic section!

DSC01902 copy
Even their bench also looks "IN"!

DSC01901 copy
You can't believe how mnay $$$ are spended to create a mall like this!

DSC01900 copy
This is how detail they are paying attention to their interior design!

DSC01899 copy
Where can you find this kind of mall in Malaysia?

After searching awhile in the main central station we are tolded that only one company who operate to those remote areas, which is 国光客运 which located a terminal B which the whole terminal is built by them according to what I hear from Nicholas.

After sleeping in the bus for a few hour, we reach our destination! We were greeted by the great view from the port where boat anchor and unload their catch of the day and intense chill wind!
DSC01906 copy

DSC01910 copy
Went to a restaurant nearby to dine in for lunch! Can you believe the price of their seafood? Look kinda cheap though.

DSC01911 copy
My seafood stir fried noodle! Everything was fresh! It taste great too! I guess this type of freshyness is what you get when you dine into a restaurant which located just outside a fishing port!

DSC01913 copy

DSC01915 copy
The God of The Sea temple.

DSC01920 copy

DSC01960 copy
The national park is located at the most north -east of the district.

DSC01995 copy
There are alot of mushroom looking stuff around the whole area which formed by the pounding from seas over thousand and million of year.

DSC02042 copy
Miss Leong, Eddie and Sook Guan

There is a sone formation which looks like the Queen of England but too bad there are too many people taking photo with it and the cold seas breeze was blowing strong so we headed to other places.

DSC02080 copy The view of light house from the national park.

DSC02110 copy
The view of the most North part of the national park.

After we finish our trip inside the national park, we had a cup of hot hinger tea to warm ourself!
DSC02120 copy
More coming up tomorrow!
Stay tune for it!

School reopen next week! Excited!