Monday, March 8, 2010


First week of class we eat a lot! Haha!
DSC_1944 copy
Breakfast at 美食之家!. This is mine favorite sticky rice chicken!

DSC_1945 copy
Herb tea

DSC_1946 copy
Eddie Roasted Duck Rice

DSC_1947 copy
Shan Curry Koay Teow

DSC_1948 copy
Mine Roasted Duck Wantan Noodle! Simply best! Slurrpppp!

DSC_1949 copy
Eddie and Phong Yih

Lunch at Secret Recipe, QB
Carol Kang

DSC_1954 copy
Eddie with his D90 on his lap

DSC_1955 copy
You's truly which forget to shave!

DSC_1956 copy
OKQ lack of sleep... See those eye bag!

DSC_1958 copy
Wei Lin, owner of new Vios! Wee~~~!

DSC_1959 copy
Madam Thaw! aka Julia Tham

DSC_1971 copy
Mine Creamy Macaroni with cheese! Don't really taste as much punch as other places.

DSC_1988 copy
Shot Yung Ping using 70-200 f/2.8 VR! Using ISO 1600 achieving 1/60 shutter! Cool huh!

and small announcement
DSC_1755 copy
we turn one month yesterday!

I'm feeling stress! ANyone feeling it too?
Have to learn from my friend, Liyun who always study hard!
Quote:" I really don't know how you cop it Liyun!" Thumbs up for you!

Have a great week ahead everyone!


saix_ysy said...

congrats for one month!!