Thursday, March 11, 2010

CNY Special reunion

On the 14th day of Chinese New Year, my grandpa held a buffet dinner and all family gather for this special occasion because during Chinese New Year not every relatives gather on the same time. It is a good time gathering family member compare to first few days of Chinese New Year as all are busy with their own family visiting.
DSC_1846 copy
Kimmy Sim, the elected organizer! But was the most late to attend!

DSC_1849 copy
Buffet line may seems normal but there are alots of scallop! and tons of stuff!

DSC_1860 copy
Baby cousin playing around and shot a few continues shot.

DSC_1867 copy
Angpau and children..

DSC_1872 copy
Sis with all cousins + cousin BF

DSC_1881 copy
One of my aunt with my grandma..

At the end of the event, we had a group shot which still got a few people Missing In Action as they are unable to return home from overseas.
DSC_1896 copy
I set the power a little too much and end up the most top line people were abit over expose... I guess I need more speedlight or props to get group shot as this perfect! One speedlight is just not enough.

DSC_1897 copy
Cousin sister with their child

DSC_1899 copy
The most active cousin baby around

DSC_1905 copy
New born baby!

DSC_1898 copy
My dad side family just got more girls than boys.. see the contrast?

DSC_1912 copy
Cute little..

Not really alot of picture of my family member as we arrive late thanks to my sister which take quite a long time to get ready and plus quite a few of them are shy...

Assignment begin to pile up this few days... This weekend my mum wanted me to work at USM! Headache! Gosh! how am I going to finish everything?!