Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yung Ping 20th!

Last Thursday, we celebrate Yung Ping Birthday at Beach Blanket Babylon which located just right beside 32 Mansion. I'm the photographer of the night!
DSC_2115 copy

DSC_2026 copy
The environment there is very soothing and it is located right beside the shore line where you cna enjoy sea breeze.

DSC_2069 copy The charbors with the birthday girl.

DSC_2050 copy
Yung Ping with her reflection.

DSC_2042 copy
Yung Ping with her New SOny TX7! Damn keat I can tell you! Ans Sam also using Sony T Series!

DSC_2041 copy
Jia Ling lokking at the mirror and I asked her to pose again to get this picture.

DSC_2040 copy

DSC_2028 copy Mine Spaghetti Aglio Olio

DSC_2022 copy 2 Spaghetti Bologonese

DSC_2021 copy 4 Fish and Chip!

DSC_2018 copy
Mine fav! Ice Lemon Tea!

DSC_2053 copy Make a wish

DSC_2057 copy
And I blow blow blow!

Yung Ping Birthday
Soon later after that, they on the LCD projector and we played with the image projected on the screen.

Anyway, I just got the new Tamron 17-50 f2.8 VC! I'm loving it!
Assignment stress start from now on!
Have to be hardworking form now onwards so I will have more time on my photography!