Sunday, March 21, 2010

20th Birthday!

Last Wednesday, after finish class at 1pm, helped INTI to cover the SPM souvenir giving ceremony. Not going to post anything about it as that is school affair... By the way they got RM100 as a souvenir! Nice money! Don't know how much allowance will I get from them? Haha! Higher or lower?

Anyway Wednesday is the day where my classmate celebrate my birthday with me as most of them will be back to their hometown and some do not have class on Friday. My birthday on Saturday!

Have a great night with them!
DSC_3290 copy
We guys looks so gay! We are the early birds!

DSC_3315 copy
Was waiting for the others and we played with the napkin! Haha! Looks like the crown from Alice In The Wonderland.

DSC_3320 copy
Me also join in!

DSC_3310 copy
The char bor also join in to siao with us!

DSC_3331 copy
At last the late bird arrive at 8! These were those late birdies.... Haha! Soli ha I say birdies! All are sui sui birds! ^_^

We have 8 course meal but we left out the shrk fin soup photo! I guess all were too hungry d.
DSC_3338 copy

DSC_3323 copy
We had all of that just under RM500 I guess... Cheap huh!

DSC_3367 copy
Sasha, Sam and Yin Ming

DSC_3341 copy
Me the birthday uncle going to blow candle!

DSC_3350 copy
Finally we had a group picture! Have a siao one!

DSC_3357 copy
They call me to act cute with the cake... Swtness....

On Saturday, after have movie with Miko at Gurney, we went to Hard Rock Hotel Beach Party organize by Danzity. Will update the photo later.

After that, we went to Kijade house! Sorry that I came late!
DSC_3467 copy
Had a group picture with Kijade and friends!

DSC_3480 copy
Miko brought me a cake we cut cakes before I went back.

DSC_3481 copy
Miyako and Carol Lim brought me present! Thanks alot!

Thanks to all who wishes me! Thanks everyone! My honor to have you all as friends!

Thanks my aunt Janezz for the treat at The Ships and Sunset Bistro!

I had a wonderful birthday this year! Passing 20 with flying color! Haha!

Owh yea...
DSC_3488 copy
I capture this so called "Japan Sakura" at a area nearby my house. I guess it will be even more near Julia house?

Will post more about it soon!