Thursday, April 8, 2010


Sometime I bring along my camera to anywhere I go. Make those quick shots of place I go and seen.

Eddie Macbook. Taken at QB Coffee Bean

Nice huh! I plan to get one Macbook Pro. Maybe next year!

Apple Logo
Back illuminated Logo! Cool!

Was viewing DPreview on Lumix!

Sister Bread Pudding
Last Week Sis bake some bread pudding and used my camera to snap some shots! It taste great!

Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VR
Play around with my Phottix Wireless Flash Trigger. No more pop up flash trigger! Woohoo! Bounce the light from the wall!

Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VR
Huge glass of 70-200!

Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VR
The big gun as Eric describe.

Busy cross road
Shot this during at a Traffic Cross Road

Phottix Wireless + SB-900
Phottix wireless Transmitter with SB-900

Lomo Golden Half
My sis recently also venture into photography but in LOMO! She brought a Lomo Golden Half from *The Click Shop*. Google it! It was super duper cool! No battery involve! Just film!

Yesterday Me, Eddie and Thaw went to Autocity to have dinner. Long time didn't see each other d! Haha!
Takehana Restaurant
Went to Takehana Japanese Cuisine Restaurant to dine in! Thaw recommended this restaurant as the portion is big and tasty and most important! The price is relatively cheap!

Takehana Restaurant

Eddie and Thaw
Eddie and Thaw! We chat till the waiter come and collect bill. I guess we drink too much Green Tea? Green Tea is bottomless!

Kimuchi Ramen
Mine Kimuchi Ramen. It came with fried rice, salad and jell-o. It cost only RM18! Damn worth it!

Cuttle Fish
Cuttle Fish! RM26
3 of us share this.

Please do not order side dishes! Very expensive!

Today went to E-Gate, to meet up with my team mate to discuss for the International Marketing presentation. Saw Hannah Tan - Angel Single. Brought it for RM9.90.
20% of the money will goto Malaysia Orphanage!
Hannah Tan - Angel Album
The album was quite nice!

Hannah Tan - Angel Album
The cover also sipek sui! Haha!

Starbucks Mocha Ice Blended
Had a Ice Blended Mocha. Now I'm addicted to Coffee Bean Hazelnut! Thanks to Ah Saix!

Thaw + Julia + Carol
Thaw, Julia and Carol. Busy with the discussion.

Karen + Julia
Karen was there too!

We are so busy right now! Assignment need to pass up next weeek! And tutorial!!!!! OMG!

God Bless Us All!

Will be at PC Fair from tomorrow till Sunday!

Stay tune for more!