Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Karen Birthday

Last post about Sakura was the 400th post in my blog! Omg!
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Hope to bring more picture and stories to share with all of you!

Afew weeks back in March, went to Harvest In Penang to celebrate Karen Leong birthday!
Sorry I'm late! Was buying you cakes ma!
DSC_4149 copy
Soup of the day! Tomato Soupes~~!

I ordered Spaghetti Carbonara! One of my favorite too!
DSC_4156 copy
Yum yum I can say!

DSC_4164 copy
Angelyn with Karen...
Yin Ming and Shan Ying also do attend that day! But no picture! Haha! My bad!

DSC_4170 copy
Marble cakes and vanilla ice cream!

Here comes the cakes!
DSC_4174 copy
Big girl liao ha.... Don't let papa kaysen worry d! Haha!

DSC_4158 copy
Karen wtih her "boy" eh friend from KL.

After Harvest In, we went to Coffee Island to chit chat to wait till the time to arrive for Karen them to have their 2nd round! Haha!
We went back soon after that, leaving Karen and her friends to go for second round at UPR.

This few days open my Picasa and saw the face recognition system by Picasa.
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Yung Ping! You got lots of similar face like you neh!~

Even my sister also inside! Haha!

Currently busy with assignment! Going to die busy! SIgh~