Monday, April 26, 2010

Gia Gia shoot

Last week, went to gia gia shoot organize by Jonathan OSY. SOme one call me to join the shoot but didn't show up! Waited at Parengin mall for half and hour!

Anyway, at last I meet up with the big group and start shooting around the area of Komtar.
Fire Hydrant

DSC_5503 copy

DSC_5505 copy

DSC_5507 copy

DSC_5510 copy

DSC_5519 copy

DSC_5528 copy

DSC_5533 copy

DSC_5536 copy

DSC_5542 copy

DSC_5543 copy

DSC_5551 copy

Tree Bark


DSC_5560 copy

DSC_5565 copy

Love Lane

DSC_5569 copy

Emo Walkway

DSC_5579 copy

DSC_5583 copy

Steaming Pao

DSC_5591 copy

DSC_5595 copy


DSC_5606 copy

DSC_5608 copy

DSC_5611 copy

Hope you all enjoy the series. Almost all done by 70-200 and some color are change to LOMO.

Stay tune for more! Busy everyday... Have sleepless night this few weeks cause to finish up lots of assignment and tutorial!