Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mix Emotion

Having quite a tough period now.
Im tired and I have many sleepless night.
Although I close my eyes but I ain't falling asleep.
Everyday was busy with assignment, tutorial and presentation stuff.
Just thinking of it make my spine chill as it is so much to be done before I really can get a (long break) which means I'm back to work again.

I love to goto school early now. It is quiet and I am all alone to do my stuff and in my own world inside library.

Try to finish off some of my stuff tomorrow. Finger crossed!

Single kinda good huh. Saw my friend enjoy all the freedom you can get.
Maybe homework is all I think about now... Really don't have other mood for other stuff.

Today kinda emo...
Recently my son gave me a nickname: lover boy
I don't know what he mean by that. Anyway. Now I'm a papa to 4 daughter and 1 son! Haha!

Going to sleep now. Try to catch some rest while I can.