Monday, November 17, 2008

Gurney NewWing + Chillis

Last Saturday after went to CLHS to pass my brother document for tranfering. I and Yida went to visit the Gurney NewWing! Hehe! Just a small ceremony but the grand one will be coming at next year Janurary!

One of the hall way inside the new wing

Posing in RX-8...Not a good angle

New model but I still prefer the old model

In front of the Nike store

After that, we goto Celebrity Fitness to find Sean for Lunch!
He suggest Chillis!

Next time when you all goto Chillis order this chips! Only cost you RM10+ only and a good part of it is you can REFILL!!!!!

No other food picture liao cause too hungry and just keep munching! Haha!
Did I just become photographer of DANZITY? haha!

Up next! PSDC Prom Night!


CC said...

No wonder Chillis,
cuz free refill, XD