Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taiwan Last Part.

*Warning! Alot of picture! Slow loading!
DSC03146 copy
DSC03174 copy
DSC03185 copy
DSC03186 copy
DSC03190 copy
DSC03199 copy
DSC03211 copy
DSC03231 copy
DSC03240 copy
DSC03241 copy
DSC03250 copy
DSC03252 copy
DSC03256 copy
DSC03270 copy
DSC03271 copy
DSC03273 copy
DSC03280 copy
DSC03287 copy
DSC03290 copy
DSC03299 copy
DSC03306 copy
DSC03323 copy
DSC03325 copy
DSC03330 copy
DSC03333 copy
DSC03339 copy
DSC03342 copy
DSC03344 copy
DSC03348 copy
DSC03361 copy
DSC03381 copy

Thats the end of Taiwan 2 weeks trip! Finally complete this post! All picture taken by Sony A200. My ex-camera.
Sony beh pai hor? ^_^

*Hope everything will work! Have faith! Mahal Kita!