Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Taiwan Last part 1

This series of Taiwan picture consist the last few days on this island which brings alot of laughter and changes to my life.

I will not type much. Enjoy the picture. If you got anything to ask regarding places I go. COntact me! ^_^

*Warning. Lots of picture to be loaded!
DSC02581 copy
DSC02610 copy
DSC02621 copy
DSC02627 copy
DSC02717 copy
DSC02718 copy
DSC02719 copy
DSC02720 copy
DSC02723 copy
DSC02724 copy
DSC02725 copy
DSC02731 copy
DSC02735 copy
DSC02740 copy
DSC02744 copy
DSC02747 copy
DSC02749 copy
DSC02755 copy
DSC02764 copy
DSC02801 copy
DSC02844 copy
DSC02856 copy
DSC02858 copy
DSC02863 copy
DSC02864 copy
DSC02865 copy
DSC02866 copy
DSC02869 copy
DSC02871 copy
DSC02873 copy
DSC02874 copy
DSC02877 copy