Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You make my day.

Hey readers, just a quick update!

Here I alone in library once more! The last few day have been a very productive one! Had group study with my friends Yung ping, Chiew Bee, Eddie, Wei Lin and Yin Ming. This semester going to end very soon!

Time Really flies! And in another half a year I would be at Australia!
Finger cross for my subject that I did on Monday! Gonna take my final paper soon!!!!

No picture to upload for now... will upload it soon I finish my final!

Have been struggling with emotion feeling and stress last week. It was a emo period for me... Don'd ask me why. It just happen. Maybe I have a aunty visit me every month? LMAO!

I was thinking in giving up on you...It was a very emo period for me...
In the end I got a reply from you.
It kept me in the mood for many days. It sure fuel the feeling to keep going on.

Quote "In the end I wana be standing at the beginning with you." theme song from a cartoon called Anastasia.

My friends smile make my day.
Your smile make my day even better. Did you know that?