Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Heart

Final I found the answer to the question that you frequently ask me when we are alone.
I love you is easy when I'm not pretending it. I'm not pretending it since the first day I told you I like you.

You have been part of my life; when you are here, I always make sure I'm 24 ready to go at any time.

You may feel you are treating me unfair. Well what can I say? I rather to be stupid for your happiness.

I have been floating around since form 2 when I first time have a girl friend for real. Since then, I was just playful around. Never really put effort and true love into the relationship. Change one after another. (I'm not trying to boost about my playful experience) I know it is wrong to play and hurt people feeling.

After I met you, everything changed. I was not the usual me anymore. I came clear to you about everything I done in the past. Never intend to bluff you in any way so. I wanted a truthful relationship with you.

I do not care about the stuff you done in the past and the stuff that you done that make my heart hurt until so badly I was thinking about giving up.
First was Mr. anonymous
Second was the another second Mr. anonymous.
It was tough by I mange to get over with it over some times.

I know you have a rough relationship that last for years. You are tired of that and wanted freedom. You are not really ready to commit in any relationship.

I understand you have a tough one long distance relationship in the past. I don't mean to put you in the same situation again when I say I was going overseas next year. I know you don't accept me because of this, but I hope you would give us a chance to work it out. I know some how you hate to went through it again if something bad happen.

I understand, I will wait till you have confident back again. You may say I'm stupid again.

But I don't want to regret in the end by not doing so.
I know what am I saying are contradict with aim to get along with you. All I ask for is you to take on this risk with me. Let's work it out together! Let's fall in love again!

Have faith in me!

I know you heard this for quite a few times d. Just to let you know I still commit to what I say.

Lets went through it together okay? I'll be there when you need me. You have my promise not the simple promise that I say over pass 6years. Thats why I post it on blog!

My sincere apologize to..

Qing Ling ( I talk too much! Every year send you happy birthday message and every year you ask the same question "Who are You"? Just don't want you to remember the bad stuff when you saw my name.)

Savvy (I know I shouldn't take such action in the first place without settling everything. I'm glad I did not destroy your past relationship and both of you are living happily ever after now!)

Meow (I know I was impatient and make such ridiculous action when I cant go out with you.) I hate you now due to some reason! I kept my mouth quite because I don't want to destroy your current one! Don't too over!

Han (I guess we both really start too quick and I'm sorry for the damage done.)

Miko ( Sorry for everything, my heart belong to other people!)


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