Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Family small outing.

A few weeks back, My dad brought the whole family except for my brother who wanted to play games at home.
Went to Butterworth! 1st time in our family history that we go out at night and till butterworth!
DSC_5495 copy
Went to the 90s... A newly open food shop? Give me some feedback about this shop.

DSC_5457 copy
The menus.... The place was quite and cozy. A good place for people to talk!

DSC_5459 copy
Quite a few dishes that you can try over there! Damn nice!

DSC_5458 copy
I think the shop own by a husband and wife. The service is quite food and the food is the best!

DSC_5490 copy
My youngest brother fish and chip! Nice nice fish fillet!

DSC_5489 copy
Sipek nice dumpling! Juicy yet tender!

DSC_5487 copy
Mango pudding! Nice nice~! Lots of ingredient inside!

DSC_5485 copy
Their famous Keow Teow Thng! This one the soup is white colour eh is you got notice it! Nice nice!

DSC_5493 copy
This is the best dish! Recommended for people who like spicy food! This is spicy boar noodle! The meat is from a wild boar! Expect the meat to be juicy and QQ! Jumping on your teeth! This one sipek nice! Very recommended!

Now some picture of my family member...
DSC_5462 copy
My cool cool bro and my pua keh sis...

DSC_5466 copy
With dad pulak....

DSC_5480 copy
My cute sis.

Recently being moody la!
Sipek busy till I ki gong!
DSC_0868 copy
This is capture during Khea Seng departure to Aussie...

What is love?
Quote from Jennysun: "You just know”, “When you realize you cannot bear to be without each other”, “It was love at first sight”……..

I knew I was in love when I realized I was willing to do things I really didn’t like, for him, because I knew it made him happy.

I'm willing to stay stupid to give you happiness.