Friday, May 28, 2010

Dinner @ Victoria

Last Week, my mum brought us to Victoria Station at Mayang Pasir there.
DSC_7961 copy
My sis and bro..On with Ipoad and one with mobile phone on their hand but look at the screen. What got their attention?

DSC_7963 copy
It was my first time visit there! Was expecting same standard as the ship! In the end it was a set down as the service was not good as me and my sis expected.

DSC_7964 copy

DSC_7966 copy

DSC_7968 copy

DSC_7969 copy

The waiter screw up the order... End up eating extra plate of lamb cutlet cause the waiter say cannot change and he did not dare to show us what he wrote just now!! So swt.
I thought customer is always right? What a poor service by Victoria!
DSC_7970 copy
Seafood chowder. Abit blur as we all are hungry! Haha!

DSC_7973 copy
As usual. my drink is Icy Lemon Tea!

DSC_7974 copy
My sis wine -port. Sound weird and damn expensive! RM12 for a small glass of drink!

DSC_7977 copy
My brother prawn & chicken!

DSC_7975 copy
The lamb Cutlet I mention above

DSC_7978 copy
My sis beef steak with chicken liver sauce. Damn nice!

DSC_7982 copy
Mine Lamb Leg! taste nice too! Recommended!

End up bill with RM300++ damn siao...
Food nice but service damn bad

Recently, win an Ipod from Curtin for last year evaluation! Wow cool is my uni in Aus? haha!
DSC_7985 copy
Currently addicted to Alexandra Burke - All Night Long

DSC_7987 copy
Minor scratch onto my New Ipod. Have to get a cover for it soon!

DSC_7989 copy
Apple cool interface!

Going to get an 13 inch Apple tomorrow after get an confirmation with DHL just now..
Finger crossed! Excited!