Friday, May 14, 2010

Bit Update

Went to bridal fair and tried some of the expensive gear there.
DSC_7791 copy
This picture was shoot using a D3x with Nikkor 400mm f/2.8 Lens at ISO 1600! Woot!
Just resize it and put watermark.

Take out the 70-200 to cin cai shoot the sports bike model. Manatau.. SO many people... End up cincai shoot my friend, Jasmine Teoh. Know her during working with PC Fair, together as Sony promoter. Don't ask me why I use Nikon and goto sell Sony!

I can say if you got the money! ANY brand also good! Stop compare Nikon, Sony and Canon.. I pening la!
DSC_6709 copy
Beh pai huh my skill! Haha!

I have been considering awhile... today finally...
DSC_7738 copy
Went to UPO (University Placement Office) with Yogie to consult for our transfer to Perth, Australia next year or this year August. Going to do all the possible calculation! Most likely next year will only go!

Last weekend goto shoot my old uniform unit Drill Competition. Shoot some video. Will post the full version when I got the time.

Mean while enjoy it in HD!

Tomorrow presentation! Finger Crossed!