Saturday, November 28, 2009

Outing + Shooting

Been busy working and I have left my blog to rotten for weeks! It is time for me to update some picture although I'm busy working. . .

We had a great outing last week! Me, Chiew Bee, Yung Ping and Yin Ming went out before each of us went back for holiday!

Had some tour to Peranakan Mansion and some shooting there. . . More photo soon!

New shooting ground. . . Which I just founded together with Chiew Bee and Yung Ping. . . More photo soon too!

This few day have been rough for me. . . Tired of working when my parent to went to Aus while me and my aunt handle the workload of the factory. . .

I need $$$ to shopping! Having lots of shopping list in my mind now. . .

Going happy tomorrow! Yeah!

Holiday still got 3 more months to go! O . M . G!