Monday, November 2, 2009

Nippon Yataimura!

Last week, bring Yung Ping, Chiew Bee, Shan and Ying Ming to Nippon Yataimura!

Some picture before we start off our "spicy" cuisine!
Excited to try out the noodle. . .

Ying Ming: "Aiyo. . . I makan till biasa d la!"

She still don't know whats coming her way. . . Haha!

The environment there was quite nice. . . but the seating a bit small for a BIG Butt men like me. . . haha!

The spicy noodle which recommended by Yin Ming. . . got a level of 10! I eat level 6 nia I almost give up d!

The monster. . . the only one who finish the fastest and I think she eat level 10 before but that day we all were hungry! so she manage to level 8. . . but never drink the green tea! I salute you!

Yung Ping eat till the lips also senget d!

Shan also put white flag surrender. . .

Even try to eat ice to cool it down! ^_^

They din manage to finish all the noodle. . .

A smile of victory

Actually the noodle taste very nice! Full with ingredient! A very big portion! Super wort it!
An advise for viewer, if bot able to eat very spicy, I would recommend level 5 or 6.
For those who can eat hot and spicy could try out level 8 but level 10 are for those tongue which is made of steel~!

Next up! Hard Rock!

Currently busy with revision for final which starts on next Tuesday! O . M . G!