Tuesday, March 1, 2011

During Wedding

A bit of random piece of blog with a photo compilation that did not show up in my previous blog on the wedding day.
My brother design a cartoon which mimic the real couple. showing them on the bike.

Well. I never study in an art school. Thats why I ask my brother to help out in the graphic part.

Shooting a wedding is always full with stress and pressure to get the picture of the moment. But it is also to have FUN! Either with ourself or with the couple families.
Steve with my Canon 7D and with a Rode Stereo Mic on it.

Bee with the roses.

Happy family =)

Self shooting. Steve with my Think Tank Speed Demon and Module Pack.
Well.. I need to get a new video head as this Manfrotto 501V video is kinda too big for my usage on monopod. This video head will be use on the tripod or glidetrack next time.

Girls with rose.

This is the behind of the scene after 2 days of shooting and wake up at 6am for the actual wedding day. Steve was asleep halfway on editing the picture.

We overnight at Bee sister house which is more convenient than staying at hotel.
The girls did not have much photo on that night dinner. So we start a not so "official" photoshoot for them.

Yung Ping with her rose dumbell

Asked Bee to pose. I guess this picture is alright gua?

Semester started with a BANG! lots to cover this semester. I will make my self to work harder for everything this semester!

P/S: For You I Will.


Lai said...

I also can help on the graphics maa...